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We charge for aircraft rentals in a similar manner as renting a car: a rental fee with an option to add full coverage insurance.  Unlike a car rental (in which you can visit a gas station easily), we charge an hourly fuel rate to cover your flight's actual consumption.  In other words, you simply pay for the time your aircraft's engine is operating.  You do not pay for any time the aircraft sits idle during your rental (minimum charges apply).

Tach time operates at half speed during taxi and at reduced speed during leaned economy cruise. Overall it is 20% less expensive than Hobbs time. Members can save money by flying our aircraft at the proper leaned long-range cruise setting.

To book a flight, simply click the Book a Flight button located at the bottom right corner of our website.  From the menu, select your desired aircraft.  Then choose whether you want to add full coverage rental insurance to your flight.  Then choose the amount of actual time you wish to reserve the aircraft (minimum charges apply).  After you input your personal information, you will proceed to the payment screen to pay the minimum charge and insurance fee (if applicable) in order to secure your booking.

Before you begin your flight, take note of the aircraft's tachometer reading.  When you are back to the hanger & ready to complete your rental, click the End Flight button located at the top right corner of our website.  Follow the prompts, which will include reporting your tach time, uploading photos or videos of the aircraft, and noting any maintenance issues you encountered.  Once you have completed the prompts, our automated system will present you a payment screen to pay the balance due which includes any tach time flown over the previously-billed minimum charge + your actual fuel usage + our aircraft service fee.

Yes, you can do both.

To cancel your flight, use the link provided in the email receipt you received when completing your booking.  A refund of your minimum charge and insurance payment will be initiated within 72 hours.

To reschedule your flight, please email the Club Manager prior to your departure time with your requested rescheduled date & time.  Your payment will be credited to your new flight & you will receive an email confirmation.  Note: if you wish to schedule a flight of a different length, simply cancel your original booking and make a new one.

After you complete your initial checkout flight, we will provide you the security code to access the hanger & aircraft key.

If you encounter any maintenance or safety issue during your flight, immediately call or WhatsApp text the Club Manager (+371 2637 8204).  Do not permit any mechanic or person to perform work on the aircraft without verbal permission from the Club Manager. 

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