Legendary easy-to-fly VFR trainer
Cruise speed: 115 MPH
Useful load (full fuel): 490 pounds
Range: 475 miles
Rental fee: €95 per tach hour

Completely refurbished in 2021 by its Part-145 mechanic owner (including zero time engine & propeller), our Cessna 150J is a wonderful training aircraft with a mint condition interior & excellent flight behavior.

Fast & economical 4-seat VFR cruiser
Cruise speed: 141 MPH
Useful load (full fuel): 642 pounds
Range: 560 miles
Rental fee: €105 per tach hour

Following an engine overhaul to zero time in August 2021, our AA5 is one of Latvia's most affordable high performance touring aircraft. Our members love its excellent visibility, extra wide cabin & open canopy flight during hot weather.

Do you own an aircraft & want us to consider adding it to our fleet?  Contact us today!

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