Easy & affordable aircraft rental in Riga, Latvia

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We believe general aviation should be affordable & available to as many pilots possible. To overcome the complexities of European aircraft ownership, maintenance & operation, Mint Aviation Club endeavors to create a tailored experience for its Members similar to each owning his or her own airplane, but without the stresses of purchasing, logistics & inspection.

Our goal is that Members enjoy a turn-key-style experience that rivals the simplicity of renting a car: (1) automated self-serve booking & payment procedures; (2) the lowest possible operating costs & reasonable fees divided over a large group of people; (3) fully-inclusive hanger and airport services including PPR & landing fees, hanger lease, fueling facilities, aircraft maintenance & cleaning services, ramp maintenance, flight & emergency supplies & snow removal; (4) access to affordable aviation insurance; and (5) access to all benefits without the requirement to purchase an equity stake or to invest a substantial upfront sum.

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Spilve Aerodrome
Hanger 5
Daugavgrīvas šoseja 2
Rīga, Latvija, LV-1007
+371 2637 8204 (WhatsApp or SMS)

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