Earn your EASA
Private Pilot's License (PPL)
for €9,999!

We've partnered with Riga Flight School (DTO) to create an opportunity for
potential pilots to earn their PPL for only €9,999

The Riga Flight School Program Includes:

The Riga Flight School Ground Course is an independently-based curriculum that allows a student to study & interact with the instructor virtually from any internet device.

A PPL student will complete all required subjects of instruction so that they may sit for the official EASA PPL ground school exam, located at Riga International Airport [RIX].

Note: all instruction & written materials will be conducted in English, the official language of global aviation.

A Riga Flight School Flight Instructor will provide the required 45 hours of actual flight instruction, including flight planning & pre-flight, navigation, takeoff, basic & advanced flight manuevers, cross country flight, weather, landing & emergency procedures.

The flight instruction will be delivered at Riga's Spilve Aerodrome using the Right Flight School classroom & flight briefing facility and aboard the Mint Aviation Club Grumman AA5 Traveler aircraft (see below).

Students of the Riga Flight School are given access to the Mint Aviation Club Grumman AA5 Traveler aircraft for 45 hours, including aircraft rental, all necessary fuel, landing fees & airport taxes.

The Grumman AA5 is a legendary training aircraft, with credit of more than 25,000 PPLs earned since 1972.  Known for its sports car handling & rugged safety features, the AA5 is a perfect first airplane.

After earning their PPL, a new pilot is gifted a free one year membership to Mint Aviation Club in order to access our larger fleet, build hours & join the community of local pilots.

The PPL Program

The Riga Flight School offers self-motived potential pilots the opportunity to earn their EASA PPL at the lowest possible price.
The program can be completed in as little as 6 weeks, although each student is welcome to work at his or her own pace.


Apply to program

Great, you're ready to start the exciting process of earning your European Private Pilot's License!  The first step of your journey is to complete the new student application.

Pay deposit

Within 48 business hours the Riga Flight School will review your application & grant your acceptance into the program.  Accompanying your acceptance letter will be an invoice for €2,999 that must be paid prior to beginning your coursework.  This non-refundable deposit will be applied toward the following items: (1) €499 application fee; (2) €500 ground school tuition; and (3) €2,000 for your first ten hours of flight instruction & aircraft rental.  Your remaining balance of €7,000 will be due as you use the aircraft, at a rate of €200 per hour (which includes the flight instructor).

Obtain medical certificate

After you have paid the deposit, your next step will be to obtain a Class 2 or Class 3 medical clearance from any EASA-approved physician in the EU, including several doctors in Latvia.

Ground school coursework self-study

Once your medical clearance is obtained, you will be provided with written & digital materials to assist your independent study in the required EASA topic areas of: (1) Air Law, (2) Human Performance, (3) Navigation, (4) Meteorology, (5) Principles of Flight, (6) Aeroplanes & (7) Radiotelephony.  Additionally, you shall obtain your English Proficiency Certificate.

Instructor workshops & exam preparation

During your independent studies, your Instructor will keep in contact to ensure your progress, to answer your questions & to provide instruction in any trouble areas.  The Riga Flight School does offer free study groups & paid tutors if you need extra help.  Your Instructor will also administer practice exams and/or provide the EASA question bank to assist in your test preparation.

Sit for Latvia CAA PPL exams

When your Instructor is satisfied that you are ready to sit for the official CAA PPL exams, he or she will file the appropriate notice to the Latvian Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to arrange your exam period(s).  The exams are given at the CAA office located at the Riga International Airport complex (RIX).

Flight instruction

After you have passed your CAA PPL exams, you can finally grab the controls and take to the skies!  Your Flight Instructor will provide all the necessary guidance for you to become a competent aircraft operator.

First solo flight

Once your aviator skills have progressed, your Flight Instructor will exit the aircraft for your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly your first solo flight.

Advanced flight instruction

After your solo flight, you will complete your remaining 45 hours of flight instruction including advanced manuevers & cross country dual and solo flights.  Your Instructor will also use the opportunity to prepare you for the final step: your CAA checkride.


After the completion of at least 45 hours of flight instruction, you will fly with a CAA check airman to demonstrate your skills in order to earn your EASA Private Pilot's License (PPL).
Costs not included in the €9,999 program:

-CAA exam fees (approximately €275)
-English proficiency exam (€180)
-CAA checkride fee (€200 + aircraft rental at club rate)
-Ground school tutor fees (€30-€50 per hour) *Optional
-Additional flight instruction hours beyond 45 included in program (€200 per hour) *Optional

Frequently Asked Questions

To earn your PPL you must be at least 17 years in age, able to speak English & able to pass a physical exam that includes good eye sight, hearing & cardiovascular health.  The coursework will require a useful understanding of math & physics.

Yes, you will hold a PPL that is valid in all EASA member countries.

Each student can set his or her own pace.  The program can be completed in as little as six weeks.  Most students require 4-6 months to complete the coursework at a relaxed pace.  Keep in mind that flying days are in short supply during the winter months.

If you cannot pass a specific exam, you have several options: (1) hire an official tutor, (2) join a study group or (3) work with a different Instructor that may be a better fit.  We do not offer refunds if you are unable to pass an exam.

Yes, the Riga Flight School offers these programs:

EASA Programs:
SEP, night rating, advanced endorsements, reviews, & recurrent checkrides

FAA Programs:
Instrument rating & commercial pilot license

EASA to FAA license conversion

English Proficiency exams

What do former students think?

Riga Flight School & Mint Aviation Club were the perfect match for me.
I enjoyed my time learning to fly very much.
Thanks RFS & Mint fam!


I started & stopped my training several times with other local schools.
I finally found a place where I could learn at my own pace.  The instructors
were very supportive & got me over the finish line.


I didn't think it was possible, but earning my PPL was actually
pretty easy with RIGA FLIGHT SCHOOL.  I especially enjoyed
the flight portion...once I stopped worrying so much!


I was most impressed by how efficiently Mint managed the entire experience.
I had a response to my app within 2 hours & was starting my classes literally the next day.  I love flying the AA5 so much.


Best flight training value in Europe.
Best instructors in Latvia.
Best experience I could have expected.


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